Here be dragons. Or in my case, ducks and stuff. These are projects that may involve painting and construction/modelling that are outside the scope of gaming.

The Scourge Of Breadcrumbs
This was my entry for my friends' first Rubber Ducky Regatta, held in the stream in their back yard. While my entry was not strictly a rubber duck, it was still awesome. I laminated 2 balsa slabs together and carved the shape with a dremel for the hull, keel, and head. The tail and collar are made of brass and copper sheeting.
She faired pretty well in the races.
USS Merriquack
Year 2 of the duck races saw another maritime entry from me. This time it is actually based on a rubber duck with balsa wood armor and gun turrets to fashion it into an ironclad. It did very poorly. Especially once the balsa sheeting got water-logged. And it sank.
It was incredibly intimidating when only the head was above the water, in an ineffectual Wolf Pack / Capt. Nemo sort of way.
Furious George
This was my creation for the ZeroThousand 'Wind Up Smack Down' party. This was a sumo battle of modified wind-up toys. Anything could be added to aid in destroying one's opponents provided the original motive power of the toy was not modified, and the whole aparatus was self contained.
When opponents ran into George's trip wire, they were flung out of the ring, very effectively. Unless they were to short. :\
ZK Wind Up Smack Down video
Salon d'Singe
This was my entry in the 2007 Seattle Power Tool Races. Modified 'power tools' race on a head to head drag strip. The Salon d'Singe was based on a DustBuster™, and two hair dryers, with J.A.T.O., running on roller blade wheels. Really the rockets did all the work, but the upper hair dryer did run, and its heating elements started the jet iginition. I won a trophy with this.
See the car in action in the Team ZK Power Tool Derby Video

Lambic's Paddock Wagon
This was a very slightly modified racer for the Hells Belle's 2007 Pinewood Derby Fundraiser. She came in over weight and so was disqualified from 'serious' racing, but she did manage to bleat the competition in the 'anything goes' category, for which she was duly rewarded.
See her and the rest of Team ZK in the Hellraiser Video
While not a traditional painting or building project, I did create some art for Otherworld Miniatures. I hadn't done any graphic design in quite some time so it was fun project to knock this out for them.