Aside from a brief and misguided daliance with High Elves many years ago, the Empire has been my longest collected, and by far largest army for WHFB. Started around the change from 3rd to 4th Ed., it is full of troops one can no longer use. Only a fraction of it is completed and displayed here.
The theme for my Empire forces is based around various historical and quasi-historical religious cults, fanatics, sects, conspiracy theories, etc. I've incorporated the heraldry & iconography of masons, templars, jesuits, quabalists, and the like into various units. I think it gives the army a rather unique feeling, and it gives me a good excuse to read up on that stuff everytime I paint another unit.
There are some pretty old paint jobs in here.

Jesuit Handgunners
cult of guadalupe
Horse Archers
Turkish Mujahadin
Elector Counts
The left most is a conversion I use to represent Mad Marious the (5th ed.) frenzied Elector. The existing model was not nearly mad enough looking for me. The other can ride with horse archers and really give them some punch.
Elector Count
Let us not forget that the stout Halflings have their representation in the Empire.
Hisme Stoutheart, Halfling Elder and Elector Count of the Moot.
The female hero is from Chronopia I believe.
Reiksguard Infantry

Templar Knights
From the DOW range, these are by far my favorite heavy horse GW has ever produced.
Teutonic Knights
Hero on Pegasus
Wood elf horse, wings from the now defunct Enigma Minis.

Wizard on Pegasus
Same as above, though the wizard can be removed and replaced with another hero.

Witch Hunter
You never know when you might need someone to clean up the pestilence in your town.

Celestial Wizard