I initially dabbled with the old Dark Angels (when they were black) I ended up painting most of my marine units in a variety of schemes as my interests wandered, though I've painted a fair amount of the standard GW chapters on comissions. Imperial Squats and the old Imperial Guard still ontinue to engage my imagination though I haven't painted any in years.

Assault Squad
At the time I did these they were a pretty big step forward for me. I still love the finished look of them, the variety of figures, and the 3 color camo drybrushing.

Combat Squad

A very early major conversion project, based on the Furribundis chasis. Assault cannon and multi-melta made for a great long range dread. It was supposed to have a companion with double close range weaponry to protect it from assault but. . .thats still in a box somewhere.

These are pretty poorly done over all, but I think this was my first real freehand project, and a very silly one. Not too bad for 12 years ago.


Terminator Charachters
For some reason I had a ton of extra terminators for a while so I started making conversions for Captains/Heroes etc. These were two of the best that are still in one piece.

Marine Charachters
Pretty old work, and some of my earliest attempts at unique heroes.

Custom Distortion Cannon
I think in 3rd Edition the D.Cannon was no longer man-portable, and had to be operated by a servitor on a platform like Thud Guns. I still liked them, and thought I'd make one even though they were pretty out of fashion by that edition. It was mostly an interesting conversion project.

A few of the many that await my attention some day.

A knock-off by DemonBlade (now defunct).