Scenery and Terrain projects can be quite satisfying. Not only are they a unique creative outlet, but a visualy apealing game is all the more engaging.

Made from sculpey
Made like this
Fencing A garden & shrine
(homage to Les Bergers d'Arcadie )
One of several river sections
several sections laid out together
A scratch built Watch Tower

Not all the angles are perfect
here, but I had just picked up
a mini-bandsaw, and was keen to
start making a good pile of sawdust.
A scratch-built Siege Tower
Premade houses from Armorcast
Not only do these paint up quite
nicely, but I quite enjoyed
detailing the insides.

+100kb image
Mostly Scratch-built, Corrupted Cathedral warning: detail image is +200kb
Armorcast Inn
More fun with details!
Dark Ages House
by Hudson & Allen
Dark Ages House 2 Dark Ages House with outbuilding
A statue.
A semi-circular picket
scratchbuilt well
Some of these pieces
set up for a game