The appeal of wild celtic figures is what first got me to fully jump into historicals beyond just painting the odd pack as a diversion. While I would like to put together a complete army, at present I am working at finishing these figures more at the warband or unit level. One can be reasonably accurate with mixing of figure ranges, at least as far as I'm concerned. With that in mind I basically have gone about collecting various figures and painting them up in stripes & plaids, tattoos, and colorfull shields. With the addition of some Germans and or Norse, I can make armies typical of many of the nations and tribes of the early Britons, Late Roman allies, Hiberno-Norse, Scots, Picts, and a bit of Gaul. It is convenient when historical versatility meshes with my wanton aesthetic whims.

Celtic Nobles and Fanatic Warriors

Bigger Pictures:

Gallic Cavalry
Celt Chariot
War Hounds

Scratch built chariot