This army started as some random allied units for my undead army, when the Battlemasters game came out. It grew as a contrast in painting to the Empire. It is only valid under 4th Edition whence one could field demons, warriors, and beastmen all as one list.

Otherworld Miniatures
Minotaur Citadel
Mostly from the Battlemasters box, with a few metal Ungors thrown in. I think these are probably the best figures that were in that box.
Warriors with halberd
One of my favorite units I ever painted, and I learned a lot about blending
warning: detail image is +100kb

Female Lord on Chaos Steed
This conversion is based on a Mourning Wolf from Warzone, and a Cold One. I think structurally it was quite a succesful piece, and she came together quite well. This is one of those pieces that I wish I could paint over again. It came out well for my skill when I made it, but I look at it and imagine what I could do on it now. . .

I have always loved centaurs, so I set about finding them in 1s and 2s around the net to make up some units. All but two are old GW figs.

Centaurs with bows
The only missle weapon available to Chaos, and they're mounted!

Chaos Knights
More Battlemasters figures, with some metal command bits

Mostly from Heroquest, with a few more recent models thrown in.

Chaos Champion
Another Mourning Wolves conversion, with Genestealer parts. Again, a very quick project, that could have been done smoother. . . She makes a good spawn, and she has a removable battle standard to lead the army with.

I don't remember who made this, but I thought I was a good one to have on hand if I needed chaos spawn

Chaos Heroes
Some nice models unfortunately festooned with colored metallics. I think I was highly medicated when I did these. Yeah.


Beastmen Lord

Custom Chariot
Chaos Marauders, Chaos hounds, + balsa wood + bits.