Here are some of my fedual Japanese, Chinese, and
martial arts type figures.

from Reaper
Warrior monk
from 100 Kingdoms
A converted Ninja
From Hasslefree.
PickleBall Samurai
This guys sword was removed and the Pickleball Paddle was added as a gift for my friend and opponent on the court who has christened himself 'Pickleball Samurai' Figure is from Clan Wars.
what is pickleball?

Yagyu Mitsoukage
From WarCrow.
Shinmen Reiko
This was one of two recent excercises in pushing my freehand skills. This one was more about planning and composition of a dense design than specifically about technical executuion.
from WarCrow.

Wong Fei Hung
A conversion based on CrunchWaffle's fighting monk.
This project earned 2nd place at the CW Sleepless Contest for Jan07 :)

Chinese boxer
from Hasslefree.
Yagyu Kentaro
More freehand experiments. This time I wanted to capture the style of Japaneese woodblock prints.
from WarCrow. Sold
Shinmen Tadaaki
from WarCrow
Suzi, Schoolyard Samurai
I continue my tradition of giving swords to Hasslefree girls. This one got a Third Place at the Wyrd Miniatures Femme Fatale painting contest in the 'Alternative' category.
Shirodora Jujiro
from Warcrow.

from Crunch-Waffle
The thematic color scheme was suggested by Moon from 'Hero'.

Fantasy Martial Artist
from Paizo

from Assassin Miniatures

Twilight Samurai
from CrunchWaffle

Murakame Gennosuke
These good friends of Usagi Yojimbo are some of my favorite miniatures released to support the UY roleplaying game.
Tomoe Ame I painted Gen & Tomoe for my good friends Maika and Ben, the only people I know who like Usagi as much as I do.

Another Xiaoli.
This time as a PC for a VSF RPG.

from Perry Bros..