Pigwars bits and bobs
I'm a fan of Pig Wars by Tod Kershner, and here is where I keep usefull data files for the game that I have found.

More PigWars fun and information is always to be had at the Pig Warriors Yahoo Group

My own Pig Wars errata / house rules:
  • Looting Sheep.
    Sheep aren't on the PigWars looting table. We award the same points as for a calf. 1 man can drive 3 sheep.

  • Mounted Capture
    Mounted warriors who come into contact with captureable villiagers with 1/2 or more of their move remaining may use the rest of their turn to hoist the villiager onto the back their horse. On the next turn they may move off with -4" to their movement allotment. This allows prisoners to be spirited away to the nearest table edge much quicker than being driven by a warrior afoot.

  • NPC Fighters
    Civilians that are armed with either a traditional weapons or farming impliments may and will fight back rather than be captured. They fight as UA(0). Scythe wielders and woodcutters should get the Double Handed Edged bonus for their axe/scythe. If you don't have a GM or player controlling them, you can decide before hand if all/some of them will fight, or if they are more cowardly and will retreat, or perhaps they will always fight to defend women/children, as the scenario may suggest.

  • Difficult Terrain.
    The existing difficult terrain rules seem adequate for some things like unknown depth of a river, but in other instances the random penalty seems to severe. For climbing over walls we use: 1" up, 1" over, 1" down, = 3", x2 for being difficult = -6" subtracted from movement allowance to traverse.

  • Priests/Shaman:

    These should be rare, and inclusion dictated by scenario.
    Since 'units' in the traditional sense are not present in PigWars, we suggest a range for the psychological effects of shamans. Any 0-2 stripe troops within 4" of a shaman may fight at one morale grade higher than their natural ability the first time they engage melee. If they win, the bonus continues. If they lose the engagement, all fight at -1 morale grade for the rest of the game as they are now disenchanted. If the priest is with a shieldwall, the bonus affects the whole wall, even if it extends beyond 4".

  • Gruesome Death
    Leaders, elites, (3 stripes, fanatics, beserkers etc) armed with a sword, and the appropriate cultural background may have this skill as dictated by the scenario. If they win a melee by more than 4 points against anyone but shieldwall opponents) They count as having beheaded their opponent and taking the head as trophy. If friendlies (to the now headless corpse) are forced to check morale on the turn of the beheading, they check at one grade lower if they were within 4" of the beheading and thus witnessed it. This makes a good scenario basis as well, having a figure make a vow to his god to take as many as possible, and get points for each one. A corralary is to have him be worth increasing points to the enemy if they kill him, for each of their number he has desecrated thusly.

  • Woods
    Again, the difficult terrain can make things too slow. Consider making movement through woods 3"+D4 for infantry, rather than random.

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