Heraldry, Arms, Crests, Language, Symbols, Flags, etc. . .

13th Cent. English & Scots Vexilogical Archive

This started as an effort to expand on some of the work Ebob was doing providing color banners for printing to use in Rebellion. You could use them for any games of the period.

Scotish and English knights involved in the Scottish wars of independence included so far:

  • Edward I / Edward II Royal std.
  • Humphrey de Bohun
  • Henri de Bohun
  • Aymer de Valence
  • Giles D'Argentan
  • John Segrave
  • Richard Bigod
  • John de Warenne
  • Sir Robt. Clifford
  • Gilbert de Clare.
  • Natl. ensign of England (St. George Cross).
  • Scotland:
  • Robert Bruce
  • Edward Bruce
  • Sir James Douglas
  • John Comyn
  • William Wallace
  • Andrew Moray
  • Thomas Randolph
  • Natl. ensign of Scotland (St. Andrews Cross).

  • English pack
    Scots pack
    Complete set (English + Scots)

    More updates as I read more, and work out more blazons.