Dark Ages Figures

One of the most common questions in collecting miniatures: "Those figures look great, but will they fit with the figures from X Manufacturere I already have?"

I have neither the means nor the desire to try and cover many ranges/genres here, but those that I do have I shall try to make available.

For WAB, Strandhogg, and Pigwars, I have been collecting from a variety of manufacturers for various dark ages European ranges.

I'll try to keep this updated as new figures surface
Currently we have:
  1. Irish, Crusader Miniatures.
  2. Irish, Gripping Beast
  3. Saxon, Gripping Beast
  4. Celt, Gripping Beast
  5. Celt, BTD
  6. Celt, Foundry
  7. Pict, Foundry
  8. Frank / Saxon, Foundry

    Current Comparison Image