Basing 101 by RedZed

Basing 101
by RedZed

  1. Cover the base in PVA, you might want to thin it out- it depends on how thick it is. Dip the figure in the sand mixture- 70%-80% fine sand the rest is coarse sand. Get the sand from Wilko/Pet shop.

  2. Paint over the base, I use a very dark black/brown thinned out. Ignore this if you base before priming.

  3. 1st highlight. a dark brown, I don't drybrush, it's more a drag technique, the brush has quite a lot of paint on it.

  4. Next highlight, as above but a bit less paint on the brush, but still randomly dragging the brush across the base.

  5. First light highlight. less paint on the brush but still a quick drag.

  6. Final highlight. GW Bone, applied very sparingly. By varying the amount of paint applied at the different stages you can create a different effect. ie adding more of the latter stages creates a more desert look.

  7. Scatter bit- dip a cocktail stick in the PVA and drag it across the base in a random, haphazard way. You don't want a lot of PVA on the base.

  8. Now dip the figure in the scatter mix and blow off the excess. Scatter mix- GW is fine, if a little bright, but you can always drag a layer of paint over it to darken it.
    I use a mix of GW, 5%-10% fine sand, ground olive stones of different shades. Here's what it looks like on a larger base. It's perfectly usable at this stage.

  9. Static Grass- GW is good stuff but too bright, I mix my own from GW, Noch, Gaugemaster, Jervis. Depending on the local and time of year depends on the mix. To get it more static and easier to stick-on shake it up in the bag. Put 2-3 blobs of PVA randomly on the base, I put the fig in a plastic coffee lid then add the grass, I use wide nosed tweezers and drop a load on, then press down with the reverse end of the tweezers.
    Turn the fig upside down and tap off the excess, turn away from the table and blow across the figure to remove the loose bits. (it's amazing how many times I forget to do that). Puffer-Bottles- work really well but the grass gets everywhere.

  10. Other Bits- stick on any other bits you fancy. I use GW talus/rocks cos they match my base colour. Again 2-3 random dabs of PVA, then pop your rocks on. A bit of Texture Mat here and there, the ones with other colours already fixed in are better than plain green. Use Superglue or PVA. Then I use some reddish/brown paint and dad into the static grass etc, not to change any of the colouringbut to tone down and help unify the base.

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