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Random free things found around the net.
  • Kensei.
    • Samurai Heroic Skirmish, Based on LotR

  • Battle for Seattle .
    • From the Introduction: Battle of Seattle is a simulation of the popular demonstrations against the World Trade Organization (WTO) talks held in Seattle from November 30 to December 3, 1999. In the game, one player (representing the protesters) attempts to disrupt the WTO meetings and draw attention to the anti-free-trade cause, while the other player (representing the Seattle civic authorities) tries to contain the disruption.
      Map and Counters in .rtf and .gif.

  • Rugged Adventure .
    • A miniatures driven RPG of "Manly Adventure in Exotic Lands of the Pulp Era".
      1 .pdf file.

  • Wooden Ships and Plastic Men. A free 25mm ship combat system by Matthew Clayson.

  • Warhammer Ancients Errata

  • Saxon Dogs