I have been painting, collecting, and playing tabletop wargames for over 15 years. Herein you will find information on what I'm painting, what I'm collecting and playing, and hopefully some inspiration for your own projects.

I enjoy a wide range of painting and modelling projects, and after this long at it I can do a pretty darn good job on most things if I want. A large number of them are displayed here, both old and new.

Though this place operates under the name of MadPonies, you may (or likely may not) be familliar with me or my work elsewhere- my username is blackfly or cjp on most internet forums and painting sites.

If you'd like to see what I'm up to at any given time, I do have a miniatures blog that gets updated fairly regularly and you can vote and/or leave comments on a lot of my work in my CMON Gallery.

I'm working on getting some more tutorials and reviews complete as well. I'd like to offer back some of what I've learned over the years where possible. If there is a technique you'd like me to share my way of doing, or a figure or product you'd like to hear my opinion on, please feel free to get in touch. If you are a manufacturer or trader and want a figure reviewed, send it on- I'll happily share my thoughts with the community.

I have won a few competitions in the past, but nothing major. I really only enter online showcases for fun anymore. I don't live near a Golden Demon competition site, and I am not interested enough to travel all that way just to see how I might fair. I'm generally ranked somewhere in the top 25% on CMON, if that matters.

Currently I am: wheee!

If you have questions or comments, would like to discuss sales or comissions, would like a product reviewed, or just want to say howdy, go ahead an email me!.